Phare de l’Île Ronde

Phare de l’Île Ronde

Made with pasteurized milk, this firm cheese is ripened in fortified wine. An original creation of Fromagerie Champêtre.

Seasoned with top-quality fortified wine, Phare de l’Île Ronde richly deserves the title of “Lanaudière terroir product”! With its lightly flaky, mottled interios and intense red rind, Phare de l’Île Ronde is a truly unique creation. In addition to its great appearance, fortified wine aromas give this cheese unparalleled flavour.

Tip: For maximum flavour, leave at room temperature one hour before serving.

Phare de l’Île Ronde is available in specialty shops and some grocery stores.

Humidity: 43%
% Fat: 28%

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