Raclette Champêtre

Raclette Champêtre

Served with fondue or at room temperature, Raclette Champêtre is the ideal companion for all your raclette dinners and cheese platters!

Raclette Champêtre is a semi-firm, washed rind cheese made with pasteurized milk. It is not as sharp as most Swiss raclette cheeses. Under its lightly bloomy orange-tinted rind lies a smooth interior with terroir aromas and pleasing butter flavour. It has a creamy smooth texture. Melted or lightly grilled, Raclette Champêtre is enhanced in flavour, but still mild enough for the most delicate of palates.

Raclette Champêtre slices are available in specialty shops, and some grocery stores and superstores.

Moisture: 47% Fat: 26%

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