Presqu’île is Fromagerie Champêtre’s own little gem. It is the first fine cheese ever produced at the cheesemakers, back in 2001.

Made with 100% local milk, this cheese was named in honour of its place of origin: Repentigny, a peninsula surrounded by the St. Lawrence, L’Assomption and Des Prairies Rivers. Made with pasteurized milk, and containing no modified dairy substances, this is a semi-firm cheese whose rind is covered with light white mould. Ripened for 30-40 days in a controlled atmosphere and hand washed, it has a pleasing creamy flavour with lactic and herb aromas. Its texture is decadent, unctuous, and creamy smooth. This video, shows the Presqu’île served on crusty bread with port jelly. Presqu’île is available in specialty shops, grocery stores, and superstores.

Moisture: 45%
Fat: 29%

Awards and Honours

2018 Sélection Caseus cheese contest – Finalist
Mixed or natural semi-firm, washed rind cheeses

2011-2012 Sélection Caseus – Finalist
Mixed or natural semi-firm, washed rind cheeses

2009 Sélection Caseus – Winner
Mixed or natural semi-firm, washed rind cheeses.

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