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Perfectly mellow, this melt-in-mouth beauty delivers subtle flavours underlined with delicate wild mushrooms aromas. This soft-ripened and hand-washed rind cheese is simply out of this world whether it is served on its own or grilled.

Winner of the prestigious Sélection Caseus 2009 cheese competition.

Raclette Champêtre

A tender smooth and creamy paste loaded with fresh butter flavour: A scrumptious delight! Our Raclette Champêtre owes its earthy aromas and appealing orange rind to a careful dosage of soft-ripened and hand-washed affinage over 45 to 90 days. Graced with heavenly smooth melt-in-mouth texture when it is served on its own, our Raclette becomes pleasantly robust when grilled while remaining accessible to fine palates of the young and young at heart.

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Tomme du fleuve

A true tribute to real countryside flavours, our Tomme du fleuve is loaded with fresh butter flavour and unique earthy aromas. This soft-ripened cheese owes its pronounced flavours to frequent hand washings and a careful affinage over 30 to 45 days.

Le Bocké

With its magnificent soft and creamy paste under a gorgeous amber-colour rind, Le Bocké pleasantly surprises with its lovely softness and delicate harmony of unique flavours under subtle wild mushrooms aromas. This semi-firm beauty  owes its distinct taste to extra attentive affinage over 30 to 40 days - and most importantly - frequent hand washings with La Bock de Joliette amber beer, the all-star product of renowned Microbrewery L’Alchimiste. Produced with great quality local ingredients, Le Bocké is a typical feature of the Lanaudière terroir.

Le Bocké won in 2014 and 2015 a Caseus Prize for best semi-soft and hand-washed rind made of cow milk.

Image pour Le Phare de l’Île Ronde

Le Phare de l’Île Ronde

This truly unique cheese steeped in splendid fortified wine, is a novelty created by La Fromagerie Champêtre. With its enchanting marble texture, this lightly crumbly firm paste features an alluring intense red rind. Beyond its gorgeous looks, this unique cheese features a magnificent compatibility of flavours with the fortified wine, resulting in a definitively remarkable and exquisite taste.


Tip: To enjoy the full flavours of this cheese, bring up to room temperature one hour before serving.

Did you know «Port wine» is a term specifically reserved to wines from the Douros Valley in Portugal? Moreover, other winemakers aren’t allowed to sell their products as «port-style» wine or similar references? That is why Domaine de l’Île Ronde calls its La Fortune Rouge, 5 years reserve fortified wine. That being said, what matters most is that fortified wine-quenched Phare de l’Île Ronde turns out to be so wildly succulent!

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