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Suisse Champêtre

Our Swiss cheese has a beautiful firm texture delivering delightful nutty flavours with light fruity notes. A 20-25 days hot cellar affinage develops all the flavours of this bountiful ivory paste riddled with holes. Lactose-free.

Monterey Jack Champêtre

This exquisite soft and mellow ivory paste is a delightful surprise with its lightly acidic notes. Simply gorgeous when grilled. Lactose-reduced.

Image pour Monterey Jack Champêtre

Image pour Gouda Champêtre

Gouda Champêtre

A generous melt-in-mouth texture, all in delicate fresh cream flavours and nutty aromas. Its affinage results in a lovely smooth soft yellow paste riddled with tiny holes. A real treat for your senses! Wax-free affinage.

Brick Champêtre

Brick Champêtre is sure to please cheese lovers with its charming firm paste all in delicate flavours and light aromas. Lactose-reduced.

What do «lactose-free» and «lactose-reduced» mean?

Some find it difficult to digest a natural milk component called lactose. According the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) guidelines, cheeses that show no detectable sign of lactose in product analysis can be labelled «lactose-free».

A «Lactose-reduced» label can be applied to cheeses where it is possible to reduce lactose content by at least 25 % through the making process and affinage.

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