About us

For the love of great cheese!

Fromagerie Champêtre has been a master cheesemaker for more than 20 years, backed by a production team whose mission is to produce high-quality, flavourful cheeses.

Known for its Champêtre Cheddar and curd cheeses, Fromagerie Champêtre is growing fast and expanding its product line. They offer delicious versions of its favourite cheeses, as well as a range of fine cheeses with a blend of innovation and mouthwatering flavours. With its state-of-the-art equipment, vast knowhow, and innovative approach, Fromagerie Champêtre delivers uncompromised quality and quantity. The cheesemaker produces, packages, stores, and distributes products that are specifically designed for its retail, restaurant, and food service clients.

  • The highest quality and hygiene standards
  • Innovative products and processes
  • Recently expanded production area and cutting room
  • Dynamic, personalised service
  • Federal certification
  • Canada-wide delivery

Mission and Ambition

We join our strengths to the power of the land for sustainable growth and collective benefits.



Transparency means that we hold ourselves accountable for the actions we take and the products we sell. We provide complete, accurate, accessible, clear, high-quality information. We champion high ethical standards in everything we do. We always speak the truth, we are sincere and able to justify our every action and decision.


Accountability is a reflection of initiative and creativity in our management practice. We foster a culture of change based on sustainable development principles; a culture that encourages the delegation of authority, confidence, proactivity, responsibility, partnership, and engagement.


Innovation means being open to new ideas and always rethinking our line of products and services. It is a value that requires flexibility in our processes and to constantly review how we interact with our employees, members, partners, and clients. We foster a work environment that encourages creativity and participation.


Recognition means showing respect for individual and collective contributions within our organisation. We endeavour to continuously communicate concrete messages, both internally and externally.